Just A Note About Posting About My Faith

If you are new here know that I am a man of faith and I do consider myself religious. However I am not a person who will impose what I believe on anyone. There are times when you see a church or faith post here. Sharing is what I believe in but you have to make up your own mind. You won’t see any Bible thumping here. My philosophy is that God is in a lot of places in and lot of people and that is good enough for me.

Love one another as my creator loves me. Sounds like a good place to start.

A Change Of Theme For The Season – Twenty Fourteen Theme – #WordPressdotcom

I wanted to lighten things up and I switched back to the Twenty Fourteen theme which I have used before. For a almost four year old theme it holds up pretty well and is really well made. Thanks for connecting with me and enjoying this blog no matter how it looks.

Screenshot at 2017-10-29 18:59:49
My blog as seen on the Ubuntu Mate 16.04 operating system desktop. 

Banning Bot Blogs

I am blocking any blog who seems to be created with a bot or is solely using it as some sort of spam site. I will not follow back. My purpose is expression and making connections with real, live people in the blogging community. It is my hope that WordPress will be able to develop a system where blocking/banning is easier and more effective.

Black and White Photo Challenge – Day 1

I have been challenged by a couple of my fellow bloggers to do a black and white photo challenge. Today I am accepting that challenge and I hope to do good here. Thank you for giving me this opportunity my friends. Anyone who wishes to do this I challenge you.


I am a Licensed Lay Eucharistic Minister at my church, this means I can serve communion at any Episcopal Church in the Diocese of East Tennessee. This is a Credence Table where elements of Communion stand ready for worship. This is a important part of my service at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.