Thoughts and Prayer

For many prayer is all they can offer. However if one can do something physical they should consider doing so. It seems too many people are too busy to care about others who share this life. Prayer can move mountains but sometimes you have to put hands and feet to your prayer/meditation.

For those who are thought minded its good to send good vibes into the universe however if one is able to do something with their hands and feet they should consider doing so.

We all are in this life together and we have to be a part of the solution and that means being a part of working toward it.

Thoughts and prayers are good but we have to do more.

Veteran’s Day Reflection

I believe in honoring the sacrifice of human beings in defense of people not a flag or an anthem or anything like that. When people wear the uniform of their country they are standing watch over those who need protecting. You can disagree with me on this but we should value people and freedom for all citizens over objects. Honor a veteran today because they served and sacrificed and to me that is what is most worth celebrating.

Veterans Day In America

Today is Veterans Day in America where we honor those who have served in our military. Wearing the uniform of ones country to serve is a great honor and a duty many take seriously. Men and women who bravely stand watch to protect their fellow citizens from harm deserve recognition from a grateful nation. Our veterans have life experience we can all draw from.

Thank you to everyone past, present and future who gave a part of their lives in service. Remember those who gave everything.

My granddad served in the US Navy. My dad served in the US Air Force.

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