Update From My Physical Therapist Appointment

My physical therapy appointment was a good one of discovery and beginning to work out what is wrong. The therapist seems to think is musculature in nature and will take some time to correct. I am relieved its not a thing that would require surgery at least I hope it doesn’t. Thanks my friends for your concern.

Over The Freeway To Grandma’s House

This is both visually interesting and impressive too. People are heading in and out of Los Angeles to begin the American Thanksgiving weekend. I’m glad I’m not in that traffic jam.

Physical Therapy Appointment Today

I have had shoulder pain for a few months now and today I’m going to physical therapy to see if they can give me some relief. The pain is keeping me from doing things to the best of my abilities. My sleep has been affected by the pain that flares up. I’m ready to get things fixed so I can resume normal activities. Wish me luck.