Christmas Is All Around – Billy Mack – From Love Actually

Bill Nighy the terrific British actor did a take off of “Love Is All Around” in the movie “Love Actually” called “Christmas Is All Around”. This is a pretty good video compilation.

My Place In My Faith

I have been thinking about my place in the story of Jesus and its one of wanting to share his love in an inclusive and open way. The tradition of Christ being a big tent guy is one that I fully embrace. No one should be excluded from the opportunity to be loved and to love. There is too much gate keeping, wall building, exclusion of those who are not like us in this world today.

Yes, we live in very troubled times and we are all in need of comfort and grace so without doubt we need to keep God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit from being boxed in by our own fears and issues. It is my belief that without a God of inclusion, love, compassion and yes even occasional sternness I don’t know if this would want to be a part of his community.

My fear is too many people are being shut out and told that because they are this or that there is no room at the Inn for them. We need peace, freedom from conflict and freedom of being who we are and how God created us people of many colors and many orientations. I am thankful for The Episcopal Church and before that the United Methodist Church for informing me its good to be a believer who is open to new things and to question when needed.

Thanks be to God.

Hip Hip Hooray For Christmas Vacation

Today begins my Christmas vacation that will last through December 26th. I am so glad to be off for awhile. The rest and change of routine will do me good. My plans are to do and be in the moment while celebrating the season. I will also take the Friday before New Years off too. I hope whatever time you are taking will be relaxing and fun. Let’s get this party started!