How Episcopalians Celebrate Mardi Gras #episcopal #mardigras

Tonight at church we celebrated Mardi Gras 2018 early with a party featuring great fellowship, food and fun. We had jambalaya and a traditional king cake. A king and queen were crowned too and they will reign until next year! Of course we parade of sorts by taking a turn around our church hall. St. Peter’s Episcopal is a fun place to be during seasons like this.

The Place Where I Want To Live

I want to live in a world where there is enlightenment, expression, beauty, storytelling, art, music, love, passion and peace. Not a world where people are trying to kill each other on the streets and from a thousand miles a way. I believe that knowledge is power and that power must be used to make life and the world a better place for everyone. Our world needs to be a place where people can be well and breathe easier in an environment that is free of hostility and conflict. Instead of walls build bridges and keep family and community connected. This is the world I so desperately want to live in. A haven, a utopia, a paradise, a place for all.