I Am Awkward In Social Situations

When In group situations I feel awkward. I am a social person and a bit of a extrovert so I enjoy being with people but I am not sure if they like being with me. Online I am cool but I wonder if a group of us were to have coffee if you would like me the same. When I am talking I get this weird look from people. I find it hard to keep peoples attention and sometimes they are looking for other people to talk to. This is a strange problem I guess. I am wondering if there is something wrong with me?

Daily Prompt: Present

Being present means being in the here and now. For many, me included, the past might be a more comforting place but the stark reality of what is currently happening keeps me at attention for what is going on moment by moment. Many people depend on us being present so that we may accomplish the work that needs to be done. Our lives can be impacted by the present situations we find ourselves in some of our own making some out of our control. No matter what we have to be present to our own lives.

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What You Will See and Read Here

This is my blog of record and I will post, re-blog (which happens rarely) and talk about whatever I like. Know that I am left of center and most of what you will see here reflects that. From life experiences, religion politics to pop culture its all from my heart, mind and soul. I welcome all and you should know what to expect here.