I Am Awkward In Social Situations

When In group situations I feel awkward. I am a social person and a bit of a extrovert so I enjoy being with people but I am not sure if they like being with me. Online I am cool but I wonder if a group of us were to have coffee if you would like me the same. When I am talking I get this weird look from people. I find it hard to keep peoples attention and sometimes they are looking for other people to talk to. This is a strange problem I guess. I am wondering if there is something wrong with me?

6 thoughts on “I Am Awkward In Social Situations”

  1. Lol I am the same way. I am great online, I can have deep conversations and tell people how I feel about them. I get all of these compliments and well wishes, it feels great. But if you put in a room with them, i am an anxious wreck. I trip over my words, run out out things to say, talk too loud; its embarrasing. Oh seat me to an attractive woman and my anxiety skyrockets. So I totally get it, you are not alone


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