Quote Of The Day

If a man does not think much of a thing, he is neither very joyful at obtaining it, nor very grieved at losing it. Wherefore, since the magnanimous man does not think much of external goods, that is goods of fortune, he is neither much uplifted by them if he has them, nor much cast down by their loss…

Thomas Aquinas

Sunday At Church With The Episcopal Bishop Of East Tennessee At St. Peter’s

This morning The Rt. Rev Brian Cole the Episcopal Bishop of East Tennessee celebrated the Eucharist at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Yearly the Bishop makes a visit to preach and confirm/receive new members into the Episcopal church. Our rector/priest is Fr. Quinn Parman and deacon Rev. John Rouser assisted Bishop Cole in the mass. This was a good morning of worship and being together as a faith community.