A Cataclysmic Dream

The other night I had a really bad dream. I saw the world around me being destroyed building by building. People I loved were dying, society was crumbling. Places that meant a lot to me and a part of community were being leveled in a cascading fashion. Really it was horrible. Seeing the massive destruction of physical things seemed to impact me in what should be a nightmare. People were trying to find shelter from the chaos that was impacting everyone.

Maybe its about what we are seeing in reality. Dreams aren’t always literal but more symbolic. Changes in the world globally and locally mean that things that are familiar are coming down for new things or nothing at all.

I also fear changes in family and relationships. Life is always moving forward, never standing still so I have to adapt and perhaps this dream is a reminder that change is something I don’t have any control over. Forces outside my control will have their way with the world.

Everyone has cataclysmic dreams at one time or another. How we react to it says something about how we are as an individual.

Sometimes dreams are just dreams but sometimes they are a prediction about the future.

Just A Rant On Treating Grownups Like Grownups

Treating people who are grownups like grownups is a good thing to do. Seriously. People like to be respected I have discovered. Talking down to someone is not right. Most people are very capable and mature and want to be treated as such.

If you are older respect people who are younger with the same level of respect you give your peers. If you are younger honor the life contributions and experience of older folks.

Don’t let your first impression be the only thing that informs your long term opinions about something or someone.

Hello Monday, We Meet Again

Monday has returned to our lives and we can make it a good one. We are all amazing and can handle anything. Don’t forget to be awesome during the day everyone! Love, peace, grace and coffee. Have a great day…or something like that.