Daily Prompt: Foreign

When something is something we are not familiar with it can be foreign to us. Countries not our own are foreign to us. It’s when we open our hearts and minds that things and places that are foreign become things we know. It takes courage to go from foreign to familiar. To known from unknown. Having a open mind and open heart can break down barriers and take you to that place where everything around you is known and even loved.

via Daily Prompt: Foreign

White Isn’t All I Am

It’s not lost on me that I am a white, middle aged man who grew up in a predominately white community. However I don’t embrace my whiteness (only in jest) but seek to know people who are different and had other experiences. I am a product of my environment but chose to expand my horizons and learn some empathy and sympathy and use my heart and my head to put myself in the lives of people who like me are just trying to make it in the world today.