Ready For The Future

Three years ago I began to experiment with WordPress due to Yahoo buying Tumblr where I had been a long-time blogger. What began as a trial here turned into me moving my whole blogging to WordPress. I have been grateful for all who have followed, commented and checked out my blog over these past three years. As I said in this post I started getting ready for the future and from where I stand my blogging life is so much better here. I have bought into this service in more ways than one. Once again, thanks! (This was my first post from way back then).

The Tony Burgess Blog

I am not a doomsday sort of guy but with Yahoo making significant changes to Tumblr I want to be ready for the future. My “shadow” blog will be at WordPress where there seems to be a creative, connected community already in place. They seem to have a solid platform there too. Once again I will be blogging as usual at Tumblr, I am not going anywhere my friends.

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Something About Taxes

Working on taxes tonight and looks like the cost of the software to prepare them will be more than what is owed to the federal government. Turbo Tax is $59 and what is owed will be $5 as it stands right now. I am grateful it wasn’t more than that but still. Paying taxes is not fun but what it goes toward is important into keeping community and country going. No taxes no roads, schools, community services, military, first responders, etc… all those folks need to get paid and we need their services. I am cool if everyone is paying their fair share but you know the one constant in life is death and taxes.

Oh, Hello Monday, It’s You Again

Guess what? It’s Monday again. Let’s greet Monday as a new day although we wish we could pretend it isn’t Monday. All I hope is that Monday will be good to me and I will try to be good to it. Have a great day everyone. Grace, peace and love.