Creative Blast – Fantasy and Reality

We live in fantasy
We die in reality
People are wanting a new life
Away from the strife that surrounds them

What do we do with situations that seem helpless
Hoping for one day where we can control our situation
Can’t we just live in a safe space

A land where there is a smile on every face
Is this too much to ask

Maybe there is a spot between fantasy and reality where we all can go.

Flashback Friday #FBF – Stevie Wonder, Supersition – Because It’s Friday The 13th

Stevie Wonder in the studio back in 1973 with his hit song Superstition. Appropriate for Friday The 13th, don’t you think?

No Ordinary Friday…It’s Friday The 13th!


Today is Friday the 13th (cue ominous music). This is most superstitious of days. For some this is not a pleasant day but for others it isn’t so bad. It’s fun to look at all these things you aren’t supposed to do today but could taking it seriously also be a wise thing to do? No matter your own personal take on today I hope it’s a good one free from all the crazy, mysterious stuff.