Tarnished Icons

Bill Cosby was found guilty of 3 counts of sexual assault. Bill Cosby is also an American entertainment icon who was an influencer and noted citizen, now he faces prison. He like others who are icon’s of culture and have been accused or found guilty of abuse face a new life where they are tarnished and their legend is now a shell of what it once was.

The #MeToo movement has heightened the level of accountability and bringing situations to light that previously were hidden and cloaked. Today one of the great entertainers of our time faces time in prison. Just imagine how many others have gotten away with things because of fear or intimidation.

No woman should face any situation where they are made to feel intimidated, scared or assaulted. Powerful men have taken advantage of their situation for way too long. It’s truly a shame that the Cosby’s of the world have previously gotten away with such behavior.

Tarnished icons, famous people, powerful people are now on notice and for all who have faced a dangerous world maybe things are going to get better.