Thank Goodness, It’s The Weekend!

Thank goodness, I am so glad it’s the weekend. You have some idea of what I am talking about I am sure. Thursday and Friday were not my best days of production this week. Monday through Wednesday were fine but then I got to Thursday and it seemed to get tougher and seemed to last forever. I began to count down the hours, minutes and seconds.

Everyone has off days and I had two of them. Challenges are essential to keeping you going and motivated but they can also mess with your heart and head.


Just chilling and doing other things I hope will refresh me for next week. My work is getting tougher and won’t get better until September. Everyone has a season where you have to just grind it out until things are a little easier again.

Work is called work for a reason I suppose.


This Is America

The people who said make America great again are themselves F students in life & don’t reflect the values of true liberty & justice for all. What we are seeing is selfishness and a lack of decency that’s hurting people. America was awesome before January 2017 now not so much.

Don’t be distracted, stay vigilant, be of good courage