Loyal To A Fault Sometimes

I am intensely loyal to the people, places and things that shaped me. Taking the road less taken is something that I have done a lot in my time. Sometimes I put that loyalty above my relationships with people who have made other choices. I am sorry if I have ever sounded like a jerk in the past. Being a human means making mistakes.

Happy Mother’s Day, To All The Moms Out There! #mothersday


To all mothers around the world I wish you a very happy Mother’s Day. You are indeed the driving force of our lives. Your leadership and service make our lives better. The things you do to make the world a better place is something to be appreciated and never taken for granted. Mothers come in various forms from biological, adoptive and we cannot forget pet moms. There are women who have no children of their own who have filled the role of mother in our lives. Some men are both mothers and fathers in one package. Grace and peace to you all and thank you we love you.