Remembering The Town and Country Restaurant In #Chattanooga

Remembering one of Chattanooga’s great restaurants. Town and Country was one of my family favorites. My favorites were the Jack Daniel’s steak and red snapper. It’s now a Walgreens pharmacy.

Celebrate, WordPress Is 15! #wp15 #wordpress

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Congratulations to WordPress on turning 15. This blogging, publishing and connection platform has changed the way the web communicates. I am proud to be with and to use WordPress to share who I am and to connect with others! Thanks for your hard work in making the Internet a better place.

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Daily Prompt: Famous

Most of us have dreams of being famous or having some sort of celebrity. I do as well. Whether it be on a reality TV or on a TV show I have had that fantasy. I suppose it’s a part of my people pleasing nature and desire to be recognized and liked. They say fame can be a bitch and can bite too and from what I have seen I believe that thought. Famous people may have some advantages but they also have to contend with false news being spread about them or rumors and paparazzi. So I contend to do my part on the planet and hope its enough. An attaboy would be nice, maybe a plaque or trophy every now and then. But being famous, that’s something all together different. Maybe being blog famous would do!

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Vote For Better Leaders And People In 2018

Good leadership requires intelligence, wisdom, restraint, compassion and understanding of complex issues. When none of that is present then those in power must be replaced. #Vote2018 to make vital changes in leadership to make things better for the country and the world.