Homeless In College

Watching a report on CBS News today where there are an estimate 32,000 homeless college students around the country. There are students who also go hungry too and food banks are set up on campuses. College aid for some students just covers tuition, books and fees with little else for housing. Just think about how expensive college/university can be these days. This shouldn’t happen in America or anywhere.

Feeling Blue

I suffer from some level of situational depression. Nothing like many people suffer from but I feel it. I am taking medication that helps. Much of it comes from stress and other stuff in my heart and head. Life can be a struggle when you are going to work daily and all it seems to be about is paying bills and meeting quotas. Then you see how some folks are better off in one way or another.

When you work hard in a job that is mentally demanding it takes its toll. We have had some bad weather lately which adds to the cloudy demeanor of my soul. Usually I am a positive person but today I just wasn’t, I was in a funk. as I write this I am doing somewhat better.

Being real means being real and this is my reality. Feeling blue is what we all do every now and then.