A Reflection On The Week

This has been a challenging week for the American community. Everything from children being separated from families to suicides to the political unrest in our country. My friends its easy to be discouraged and troubled. For many this is a time of being on the edge because they find themselves disenfranchised and there seems to be no solution. People are seeking justice, peace and most importantly love. Prayer is one solution, voting another, understanding yet another. This is going to be a long summer and who knows what’s next.

Daily Prompt – Frazzle

Life can frazzle you out. At the end of the day or the end of a week you feel like you are worn out and need a break from it all. Finding rest and renewal comes in many forms. It’s good to recognize you are frazzled before it’s too late. Having time for self care is important in this frenetic world we live in.

From today’s writing prompt @ https://gratefulsinglemoms.com/2018/06/08/frazzle/

Anthony Bourdain


Chef, author, television presenter, world traveler and more importantly human. Anthony Bourdain did a lot to bring us closer together and to feed our soul. He left his world on June 8th but he didn’t have to, there was more stories and more food to be shared. Rest in Power Chef.


Help In The Tough Times

Life is hard, its tough, its sometimes unforgiving. However life gives us people to help us along the way when you face hard, tough, unforgiving times. There is no shame in admitting you need professional assistance when you feel overwhelmed. Getting that help can save your life. Most of what we face in this world is situational and temporary. If we give life a chance we can make it. Winston Churchill once said “if you are going through hell, keep on going”. There is a way forward that does not involve ending your life or harming yourself.

I am not an expert but if anyone needs someone to talk to I am available. I am no expert but I do care. Locally there are resources available that can make a difference and help you get better. Have hope in a brighter tomorrow as you go through a dark present.

Love, grace and peace to you all.