Word Of The Day – Daily Prompt : Meh

Meh is one of those new words that have come along to say how unimpressed or underwhelmed we are with something. Face it, being impressed takes a lot of work and even then it still doesn’t pan out. The word meh can be disheartening but in reality its truth and that can hurt. It can mean that we have lost our enthusiasm about things and its easy to do when there is a level of burnout. We are bombarded with things begging for our attention and interest so it has to be something special or its just meh.

Meh – #WordoftheDay


Something About Dreaming Bigger

For those in the God fandom we are called to dream bigger and to do better. Understand we will mess up along the way so God’s grace comes into play there. We can’t forget God is full of love which is to be shared with others. May we never close the doors from inside for ourselves or for anyone else because that is where I think God will have words with us.

All of us can dream bigger and do better. We have to have the courage to do so and to rely upon the support of others to help make things happen.