Thought Of The Day

Blogging meaning the reading and writing of blog posts can lower your blood pressure and help you release genuine feelings and emotions in a safer environment than other places. Also the connection with people who you are meeting for the first time is also fun!

Me and My Fathers Gary, Leon and Jay

These are the men who I am blessed to call my fathers. My dad and two grandfathers. Without them I would not be the person I am. I love you Gary, Leon and Jay.

(Please do not reblog. Thank you.)


Happy Father’s Day 2018! #fathersday


To all the dad’s out there I wish you a Happy Father’s Day. Fatherhood takes on different things to different people. Some dads are adoptive, spiritual, situational. There are many dad’s who are also doubling the responsibility of motherhood too. To all those filling the role of father, have a great day!