Dawes – Living In The Future

I discovered Dawes on CBS This Morning: Saturday which is my favorite Saturday Morning news program and I became hooked. Dawes is a folk rock, indie rock sort of group with a terrific sound with tunes that make you think and feel. This video is pretty awesome with a very poignant message.



In a world of corporation, conglomeration, chains
There is a spirit of being Indie

Indie films on a screen
Indie bands with new, exciting music in your ear
Indie food with a different taste
Indie artists who paint outside the lines sometimes
Indie writers and poets with something radical to say
Indie wrestlers wanting their time in the ring
Indie people seeking freedom to do their own thing without consequence

There is something refreshing about being Indie
You can find a new spirit tied to creativity
There’s a risk of being Indie but the reward is eternal

Indie means being Independent and Interdependent simultaneously

The thing about being Indie is that you take a chance
That is worth it all

Be Indie

Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Possibility

With some dreaming and some hard work many things can become a possibility even a reality. It takes some effort and an open mind to make things happen in the world. With a little help the impossible becomes possible. There is a possibility that something might happen that will surprise you. Everyone likes good surprises right? I hope whatever you are hoping for will become a real possibility.