Big Brother 20 – The Summer Ritual Begins #bb20

Julie Chen, host of Big Brother

The Summer Ritual/Time Suck that is Big Brother has begun in the United States. Sixteen houseguests check in for the social and physical battle for $500,000. In it’s 20th season this contest has had its ups and downs. They are doing some things this summer to freshen things up. We shall see what happens over the next 99 days. Welcome to Summer, expect the unexpected.

Line Workers Keeping Things Powered

Last night we had a pretty wicked storm move through and it knocked out our power. Line Workers are called into service to keep the power and Internet flowing into our homes each day. During a storm it can be dangerous work but necessary to keep our utilities functioning to maintain the conveniences we rely upon daily. So when you are watching Netflix on your TV tonight remember it takes a lot of people to make it work including brave line workers who climb a pole or go below ground to make things happen.