Saying Farewell

Today I will begin to say farewell to a beloved family member. Visitation at the funeral home is today and the service is tomorrow. Saying farewell is never easy but the knowledge that the loved one remains in one’s heart through the love and lessons they shared is comforting.

The funeral home experience is one I have been through many times over and its good that people are trained to help get you through so you can begin to grieve. It’s truly amazing who you see during the visitation. People you haven’t seen in a very long time will make their way to give their respects.

I am ready for the days ahead and I am grateful to be able to give respect and honor the life that is in the company of saints. Death is a part of life and what you do between your date of birth and your date of death means everything. Live so there will be great stories on the day of your own celebration of life.

This Is Me


Yes, this is so me. I overthink and it impacts my decision making on everything from ordering a meal to picking out what I wanna wear in the mornings. Overthinking comes from having too many choices and how my decisions impacts others. Being a horrible people pleaser can be a reason why I tend to think too much about mundane things.