National Tattoo Day

OK, I am a wuss, total wimp about tattoos. I would rather have a needle put in my arm to give blood than to sit through a needle put ink in my arm for hours. Yes the logic on this is probably strange but heck I am who I am.

If I were to get a tattoo and that is IF it would be something small that would be above the short sleeve line as to not be problematic for work.


This is what I would get. This is the Native American Thunderbird and when you shorten it you get “T-Bird” which is my nickname. I don’t plan on getting this any time soon but this is what I would go with.

World Emoji Day #worldemojiday


Today is World Emoji Day which is kinda cool. I use them sparingly because I prefer to use words in my communications. Symbolic communication is nothing new but this method of expression is as popular as it ever been. Short form messaging is aided in the use of Emojis so it can be helpful. So happy Emoji everyone.