Fellow Bloggers You Are My Friends


There aren’t many people who follow my blog I have met in person. However I consider you friends for a reason in that you are interested in me as a person and as a fellow blogger. Our bond is in living and blogging. It doesn’t matter if we ever meet in person although it would be cool.

I find you all to be quality people who like me have something to say and things in our worlds to share. That is what makes this whole thing special. These blogs I follow don’t write themselves because there is a human being creating and curating and writing important works that are snapshots of time and space and place in their own lives. The same can be said for many who I follow on Twitter and Instagram.

So good people thank you for your support as of late. It is very much appreciated. As I always say, be the star of your own blog and keep on blogging.

Grace and peace and love!

8 thoughts on “Fellow Bloggers You Are My Friends

  1. Totally agree with you! It’s harder to meet fellow Bloggers because a lot of mine are overseas. I consider you all to be a friend though, because some of you have been there more for me and discussed things with me,m ore than the people I can see!

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  2. Thank you so much, Tony. These days, friends aren’t really only the ones we have in our lives physically. Like with old friends who have ended up in different places after marriage or for jobs, the distance doesn’t matter, and nowadays, the communication, even electronic, if sharing beyond the superficial, makes the friendship.

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  3. I don’t really have friends in the ‘real world’ these days, chronic illness saw to that, but that makes me all the more appreciative of the online world and blogging community, in which I’ve ‘met’ some amazing people and found incredible support and compassion. You’re a star, Tony, never forget it.xx


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