Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Blossom

There is an old saying blossom where you are planted and for many that advice has served them well. It has served me well in some cases. People like plants need air, soil, water and sunlight in a matter of speaking in order to grow. Sometimes people need transplanting to a bigger pot in order grow more but often staying put can benefit you and the community you live in. Many people have found family, friends and connection being where they are and if one can find that it’s a true blessing.

Blossom was also a TV show starring Mayim Bialik from 1991 to 1995.


Thought Of The Day

I have learned and realized this weekend that life is worth living because in my mind that if we choose to love and live in community and express the purity of humanity that we will be OK. Breaking bread, celebrating milestones, conversation and laughing are all things that prove that God loves creation.