Back At The Desktop In Nerd Corner

Yeah, I am one of those people who loves the stability of a desktop computer. Today has been the first day in a couple of weeks where I have been back here in my “Nerd Corner” to pay bills, update my churches website, go through some email, browse blogs and do some shopping. Sure I can do those things from my Chromebook and Google Pixel but I do like being here on a big screen at a desk. Sometimes its good to slow things down and sit where you can think and be creative.

Classic and Contemporary

I was born in 1969 and that number is a part of the address of my blog here. Age is just a number, right? So I feel I am from a classic era in time where a lot happened and the culture had an identity all its own. However I live in contemporary times and its my goal to relate to those who are finding their way in the world and experiencing growth in this time.

Classic and contemporary are two things that are evolving, changing, rolling with the time that is going by. As we go through life we see things becoming classic all the time and new things are becoming contemporary. Being both ancient and modern at the same time can be a challenge but one that is worth it as we seek to live in the here and now.