World Photography Day – #worldphotographyday #chattanooga

My favorite thing to photograph is my hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Downtown there is a parking garage that gives great views of downtown and looking north. It’s a great vantage point to see all the new and wonderful things there are in our city near the Tennessee River.

Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Zealous

Zealous, this is a word I am all too familiar with. In my life I have been known to be overly zealous about this, that or the other thing. My enthusiasm and zeal to advance a cause, be a part of something or doing my work have been what I am known for. The problem is that being too zealous can get you into trouble because you might miss something important or perhaps impact ones relationships when you really want to be involved with people or things. Call it the geek/nerd in me that wears his heart and soul on his sleeve. I think I have calmed down in the past year or so but there is still a part of me who will always remain zealous.