New WordPress Streak Notification

Screenshot from 2018-08-21 17-16-11

This is cool. WordPress is encouraging people to blog more by notifying them they are on a streak of consecutive posts. This is what I believe in as a blogger is to keep on blogging and I am glad for them to keep people posting on their WordPress blogs.

One Of Those Weirdos

I realize I am one of those weirdos who is left-leaning on a lot of things and moderate on others. I will never be sorry for that. I am also one who hates conflict with a passion and when I post things from my heart and soul it comes from where I am as a believer and as a person who’s influenced by the promise of life, liberty and happiness for every person. With that being said seeing mutual friends argue with one another pains me and for that I am sorry for causing that. Sometimes you do have argue but hopefully its done with a spirit of respect. My opinions are not up for debate and I reserve the right to have them. Thank you for being in my life.