Frustration In Our Situation

Many of us who are believers are frustrated with how things are going in the country. We are human beings who are imperfect living in a imperfect world. Our angst comes from a place where we see people suffering and being separated from people they love. The LGBTQ community on edge for their own lives as well as the ones they love. I have seen a lack of regard by some for the rights of everyone to have life, liberty and happiness that is guaranteed to them as citizens but is threatened by others who want to keep it for people like themselves and no one else.

I have and others have said things that under other circumstances we wouldn’t say but these are not normal circumstances. There is a lack of a moral compass right now by some who are holding on to their power that was won through dubious means. We have a president who yes is a child of God but must be held accountable for the very bad things he has done like others before him.

Also the Christian community is split in two on many issues including some who voted for the current president and others who didn’t. I don’t know how we bring those two sides back together again down the road. God is good and will help but you know its going to take his people to make it happen. My friends have hope and take care. We are all in for a bumpy ride down the road.