Stocking Up Candy For Halloween


Grocery stores everywhere are stocking Halloween candy on their shelves in advance of the holiday. These boxes have some great treats in them. No tricks here! Yeah its more than a month away but this is how retail works these days.

End Of A Four-Day Weekend

I am glad to have had a four-day weekend to rest, renew and that sort of thing. Going back to work on Tuesday is going to be challenging but necessary because of paying bills and that sort of thing. Whatever you have been up to these past few days I hope its been good for you and yours. Let’s make tomorrow the best Monday, Tuesday can be.

Happy Labor Day America


Today is Labor Day in America. It’s a time set aside to honor those who work hard every day. This holiday is a day of rest for many workers while some have to be on the job to keep things moving. I am glad to be off myself on the fourth day of my four-day weekend. Here’s to all of you who are working today and every day.