Telling Your Story

Sometimes the best way to share important things about you is to tell your story. Whatever that story is makes up your life. There are elements of your life that inform you and the people of your life what you are all about. For me my faith and religious life is a important part of who I am and sharing that part as a point of discussion and information for people who wanna get to know me. Other people have parts of their lives that are sacred to them and that is cool. When telling ones story its vital to be respectful and open without making anyone uncomfortable.

More about this to follow.

Happy Rosh Hashanah To My Jewish Friends #roshhashanah


Rosh Hashanah, literally meaning the “beginning [of] the year” is the Jewish New Year. It’s celebrated by praying in synagogue, personal reflection, and hearing the shofar. To my Jewish friends may this be a blessed time for you and yours.