Beginning Education For Ministry, Something Very #Episcopal #efm

Tonight was the first meeting of Education For Ministry class I am taking at a local Episcopal Church. This is a four year spiritual growth encounter. I’m doing it a year at a time. It’s going to be challenging and will make me read more than I do right now. God is going be doing some speaking.

Something About Paying Bills

One of the most adult things one does is pay bills. They add up fast and money doesn’t grow on trees. Trying to keep up can be a challenge when you have everything from mortgage/rent, utilities, medical, education, car, TV/Internet, food, phone and insurance. When its due all it once you find your bank account screams at you. I’m not a fan of spending money on all that but you know it’s what we do to keep the lifestyles we have become accustom to. We work sometimes just to pay to live. Nope, don’t like adulting this much but its gotta be done.

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