I Too Have Been Bullied

I have been bullied in my life and it’s not fun. Whenever I see it being done to the least of these then I call it what it is and that is hate. No one should ever have to go through that. Perhaps those who bully for fun or to advance their agenda need to be removed from the position in which they have power or influence over others. What I am seeing in the world we live in is tragic and is costing people their lives. God be with those who are trying escape spiritual, political, emotional and social bullying.

Women and Bullying

Mary the mother of Jesus is a venerated saint of the Christian church. A woman held in high regard. However her “daughters” suffer much religious persecution. Jesus told us to love one another and that all are one in him. To see how women are treated by the system of evangelical Christianity that has put many bad people in power is quite disappointing and frightening. Women seem to be bullied more than ever and that is something that people should stand up against. The women of the world deserve better than what they are getting from men.