October 11th Is The Day Of The Girl #DayoftheGirl

It might be strange for a man with no children of his own to write about the observation of The Day Of The Girl. But as a human being its a great way to encourage girls to dream big, learn much and to grow up to be whatever she wants to be. It doesn’t serve humanity to put up barriers for girls who want to achieve great things that will benefit us all. I think young women are doing amazing things and all they want to do is have fun in reaching for the stars. Give a girl an opportunity and they will seize upon it, the same goes for a woman.



National Coming Out Day 2018 – #NationalComingOutday

To all my friends who have come out of dark places into the light of love and acceptance you have my support and care. For those who still can’t come out for fear may you find the courage one day to do so. Love is love and love does win. Grace and peace to you!