The Tongue and The Keyboard

The tongue can be one of the deadliest weapons in the world. By extension so can the keyboard. Words are like bullets and toothpaste you can’t put them back where they came from. It’s through the mouth and the computer/phone/tablet that we can really do damage to others. We can praise and persecute people from the same source of communications. Our tongues are small parts of our body but they can do a lot to inspire and destroy the spirit.

All of this is true but as humans its hard to keep our feelings to ourselves. We are imperfect but it takes a lot to keep our tongues and tweets and that sort of thing in check. Unfortunately we live in a time when bullying is common and people feel like they should be able to get away with saying whatever they want.

If you are like me we struggle with our relationships with other people. We say things we regret and that harm people we are close to. However its where grace, mercy and reconciliation is so important. Say what you mean to say but be sure you mean what you say.