Some Questions You Might Want Answers To About Me

This one came from Jim tonight and I’ll give it a go.

    1. Dogs/cats/both/other?  Dogs, Birds and Hamsters
    2. Favorite holiday? Why?  Thanksgiving, because it gets overlooked sometimes.
    3. A fun or funny word you like to use.  I can’t think of any.
    4. Writing in pen or pencil, or would you rather type?  Keyboard because I have horrible penmanship.
    5. Tell about a strange/weird experience you’ve had.  Walking accidentally into a woman’s restroom when I was a teenager.
    6. Do you do any crafts?  Blogging, It can be a craft.
    7. What tip would you give to new bloggers?  Keep on blogging.
    8. What special talent do you have?  I am good at my job and being sure others are doing OK.
    9. Fabric ribbons or plastic bows on gifts, which do you like better?  A gift tag is important so that is good enough for me.
    10. Favorite school subject.  Contemporary issues, keyboarding, sociology, religiion
    11. Just for fun question… Who ya gonna call?  I make lots of calls for a living so many people I call.

Some Lovely Time Lapse Photography of The Tennessee River Gorge #Chattanooga

This is breathtaking and mysterious. I love what this person did.

Something About Intimidation

No one should live in fear for their lives or the lives of people they love. Using threats to scare people is not what civilization is about. Keeping the status quo by violence is just plain wrong. It’s serious when instruments of destruction are used to harm or kill. There has to be another way, maybe not being selfish and being kind is a start.