Faithfully Respectful

I am a man of faith but fun. I am religious but I cuss a little. Sometimes I don’t always practice what I preach. I am spiritual but I like some wine/beer every now and then. In short I am not perfect and seek relationships with people of all walks of life. My goal is to be tolerant of all. I will never force my religious views on anyone and I will always be respectful. Also I am not a prude. Sexuality and gender are important parts of being human. You will never have to fear me all I want is do is have fun and be a positive representative of where I come from in the greater blogging/global community. I love you all.

Saying Farewell To The Church Of My Youth

This morning I went to the final service of Signal Mountain Baptist Church. My family has been in this church for decades. I spent my childhood and youth there and I have some very happy memories.  This was the place where I was baptized and came into a relationship with Jesus Christ. During my time there I learned lessons of faith and how to be a good person. For years they were a progressive congregation where both men and women had a say in what happens.

They are merging with another congregation and will become in effect a satellite church. Like any institution its the people who are what matter most. I will miss this place as it was but they made the decision to forge a new future. Grace and peace to members of the past. Thank you Signal Mountain Baptist for helping making me who I am.