Atlanta United, Major League Soccer Champions #mlscup


Atlanta United did what the Braves and Falcons haven’t been able to do in a very long time and that is win a league title. In only its 2nd year of existence Soccer/Football is king in Atlanta. Congratulations United!

Thought Of The Day

Face it we live in a world that isn’t always simple or peaceful. Chaos surrounds us every day and that is something we all have to deal with. So we need the cheesy, the predictable, the sentimental to help keep us going. Being too cool for school is not always good because there are opportunities that can make life better in uncertain times.

Maybe if we took time to be boldly silly we would rediscover the child that still lives in us all. We have given up the wonder of simple things for drama, angst, selfishness and complication. I think we are missing out if we treat a holiday like Christmas as something that is supposed to be as grown up as we think we are.

No matter what we all need times of levity and laughter. Don’t take things so seriously. Be the self that we once were. Love, live, laugh. Most importantly grace and peace.