Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix


Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix have some surreal social commentary that is very reminiscent of what is going on right now. Institutional corruption, fake news and manipulation of facts and denial of truth. It’s my favorite of the series.

Sears Closing Is The End Of An Era At Northgate Mall in Chattanooga

Like a lot of brick and mortar locations Sears in Chattanooga’s Northgate Mall is closing. After being there for decades their last day is at the end of January. Nationally Sears and K-Mart have suffered due to low sales and heavy competition from other stores and online shopping. I hate to see things like this happen because it means jobs lost and more empty space in shopping malls. I hated when the Radio Shack in the same mall closed up a couple years ago. I hope for the best for those workers who will have to find a new job soon.

The Day After Christmas And Beyond

Hello friends. I hope your Christmas was good and all that jazz. I took today off because I needed some time to chill out and rest. Everyone needs some time off this time of year don’t you think. I will be back on the job tomorrow and Friday though. May you continue to have a great holiday season. Remember it’s the 12 days of Christmas and New Years is coming up. Speaking of the new year, be thinking about your resolutions if you do that sort of thing. Let’s finish the year well. Grace and peace to you all.