To The Religious Folks Following Me, A Bit Of Warning

I am one of those fanboys of Jesus and its an important part of my life but I am of the persuasion I would rather be in the company of those who aren’t into Him as much as I am. Trust me I am not a prude. I am progressive. I am a liberal politically. I am LGBTQ accepting/affirming/welcoming and an ally. I drink and cuss a little. I do listen to the rock and roll music that the kids like today and yes even other forms of secular music. What you get from me is a person who lives in this world and lives by the example of loving and I choose to fear not.

If you are a believer like me and you choose to connect with me understand my relationship with my creator is one I am quite sure about and don’t come trying “save me” because that is already taken care of. Oh I also believe that perhaps other folks in other faith communities are good too. God is good and not everything wrong that happens in the world is meant to punish his people, He doesn’t work like that.

So I’m going to get off my soap box and I want to say I love my blogging friends around the world.