Willing To Serve

The military of the United States is a voluntary force. People willingly enlist to serve and defend. Our service people come from all walks of life which in my view makes it better. Some of these folks are from the LGBTQ community and when they join they willingly give their service and their lives to the protection of people who seek to make their lives very difficult and will discriminate against them for living their truth.

Transgender service people should have the right to serve. They just want the same right to life, liberty and happiness guaranteed to all citizens of the United States. It matters not to me a persons orientation or gender because they are willing to do what I didn’t and what some in leadership in this country didn’t and that is to put on a uniform of their country and to offer all they have so that others might be free.

Thanks to all who served from every walk of life. Past, present, future.

Status Update

Hello friends, it was a Tuesday wasn’t it. I am not a fan of Monday’s ugly step-sister/brother. At work I reached my quota and that is always good. The country continues to baffle me but that is for another post all together. Let’s hope the evening will be good. Love and peace to you all good people. Later on I might have a Oscar’s post.