Feedback Wanted

Every so often I wanna know what you my followers think about my posts and how my blog functions. Is it easy to read and do my posts make sense. Your feedback is helpful. I also wanna have additional dialogue too with those who check this blog out daily. Thanks for being a friend in blogging and visiting when you can. Please leave comments down below.

Thanks for your help and cooperation!

19 thoughts on “Feedback Wanted

  1. I am not as active as I used to before (and that’s in the general sense of blogging) but I really love how your posts pack quite a punch in such short lengths. You consistently provide us with little bursts of thoughts. That to me has become your distinct style which is really great! 😊

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  2. Hi there Tony πŸ™‚ I really enjoy following you here and on Instagram… I like your short post and the mix of personal information and inspiring thoughts πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work! xx


  3. I enjoy your posts. They are short and to the point, sometimes offering insightful thoughts and often informative. I have to say though, that for a guy who is diagnosed diabetic you do not take pictures of healthy food — I’d say your diet needs a little attention!

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  4. I like your blog! πŸ™‚ Your posts are condensed enough that I can get the point of the thing without reading for 20 minutes. And I like the pics you post when you are somewhere cool. Only thing is, you post multiple times in a day so I am unable to keep up.


  5. Hi Tony,
    Would you take a look at a blog I just set up, to tell me what you think of it, please? I’m contemplating changing the tagline below the major heading.
    My apologies for intruding into you life unintroduced. Feel free to just ignore my request if I’ve asked too much of you.


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