Thought Of The Day

Imagine giving up your whole life for a cause bigger than anything you can imagine. Doing something worthwhile that would change the world. Just dropping what you were doing and going into a place only in your imagination. It takes someone, something special in order for that sort of thing to happen. Be open to that possibility when it comes to you if you dare.

Titles Matter

When you hold a title like Doctor, Reverend, Rabbi, Imam, Sergeant, General, Mayor or President that means something. You have earned the title or have been chosen or elected to be elevated to lead and serve. To me its a matter of respect to address someone by their title. It’s important that people in such positions know they have a responsibility with the title given to them. Professional abbreviations matter too because people have worked to become an expert in their chosen field. All this comes down to showing that people have reverence and respect for others and to recognize their achievements.