Quick Thoughts On Mueller Report

The results of the Mueller Report have more questions than answers. It does not matter what it says because in order to create meaningful change you have to vote. American’s need to show up to the polls in November 2020 to be sure Trump is defeated and to turn Congress into a Democratic led majority.

Collusion or conspiracy aren’t enough. You have to show up on election day and the primaries. Don’t trust an investigation to replace the ballot box.

Don’t boo, vote my friends.

Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Feast

I was looking at some family photos on my granddad’s computer yesterday and a picture from thanksgiving came up where the family feast was being laid out. All sorts of traditional fare was on the counter where we serve buffet style which brought back some happy memories. Sometimes there’s more to the feast than just the food. It’s the people who make it special. Feasting can be fun when there are those who you like and love who are there to share company and to break bread.