Big Bang Theory Series Finale – Thank You For Twelve Great Seasons #bigbangtheory


After twelve seasons The Big Bang Theory concludes its run tonight on CBS TV. The show is a family favorite and has produced its own cultural buzz as other shows that came before it. The difference here is that it advanced nerd culture and science as being something special, worth while and accessible. It showed how this quirky, diverse group of people became family.

This show also exposed people to so many fascinating people who were smart in their own sort of way and brought you into a the world of nerds that is awesome. Beautifully it unraveled the mystery of how people, space, knowledge and time if allowed to grow and develop can become something fascinating and wonderful.

I will miss this show very much because it gave me a little hope that the heart and the mind can operate as one. It all started with that Big Bang.

To My Sisters

As a man I have no right to tell you what to do, period. Your body is your own. Your gender expression is your own. Your sexuality is your business. Your reproductive system is none of my business. You should have the rights as free human beings with no strings attached. I wish life was easier and better for you all these days. You deserve better from men and other women. Be free my sisters. This very shamed brother is with you.