I have found I am better at socializing in very small groups. Being in a situation where there are lots of people who I don’t know it is kind of intimidating. There are some situations where I don’t feel like I belong in the room of people I am in. Maybe its a self esteem thing or perhaps I am quirky and nerdy and not everyone universally understands that world. As a grown up I need to be able to navigate the social waters wherever I am but it really is hard to be genuine and to be yourself when you are in a situation where you feel as if you are an outcast. Maybe I am overthinking this or maybe I am not.

Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Lucky

Being lucky or being blessed is a matter of perspective and personal divinity. It’s interesting to see who gets lucky or blessed with things you wish you had. Envy is not a good look but its a honest emotion. People who seem to get the best, the first, the most make you wonder what did they do to get where they are. God blesses. The universe gives. Luck whether it be gambling or sports or whatever is kind of a mystery and really a chance thing that can be good or bad depending on your situation.