Creative Blast: Charisma in Character

A preacher, a musician, a poet, an actor, an athlete all have the power to command your attention and to influence you. You see them on a stage and you find yourself looking up to them. They have charisma and character that moves you. How you react to their message is totally up to you. Some you pay to see others you view for free. You give them your time and treasure to see what they will do. You follow them and wait to see what they do and say next.

They are in your hearts and on your minds all the time. They have your attention. Every move they make you will know it from your social feed. These people become part of you.

Personality is a powerful thing and you find yourself wanting to copy them. Being in their presence is a religious experience bordering on obsession. If they offer merch you wear it, own it and it becomes a uniform that you wear in solidarity with others who are doing the exact same thing.

How do you break free or why would you want to?