Life Moves Forward

As you might have read earlier my parents have relocated to a independent living community and they have downsized. This weekend is their estate sale where they are selling loads of household items. I have already claimed many items I want to keep. It’s weird going into the house where they lived to see it looking more like a store than a home. A house is a house but it takes a family and yes their stuff to make it a home.

It’s been an emotional few weeks leading up to this. I am glad they are in a place that will help care for them and be there in case of emergencies. However its a recognition of their mortality and in some way my own too.

Life moves forward, people age, we all will face something like this soon. I am going to remember my family as they were with the full knowledge they and myself are not the same.

New Look Twitter Coming Soon – #twitter

Screenshot 2019-07-11 at 9.23.59 PM

If you are a fan of Twitter like me be aware there is a new look coming soon. It will be interesting to see how it works and functions. I am a believer that a user interface update is good every now and then as long as it makes sense. We shall see what it does and will it be easier or more difficult to use.