Broadband For All, Not Just Internet

We live in a technologically broadband world where we want things to be delivered to our screens and front door as fast as possible. Going back to anything slower would not be acceptable. Technology has changed our world.

If we are using broadband and change in technology as a metaphor it makes me wonder why politically and culturally so many people want to go back to the dark ages. No one I know is pining for the good old days of dial-up Internet where it took forever to get online and we had to wait so long for things to appear on our screens.

Lately there has been the call of going back to a time where some feel like the world was at its best makes me wonder. Can you imagine people not having access to a broadband world let alone a world of opportunities they were not able to enjoy. Doesn’t it make sense to move forward and to give everyone the broadest opportunities in life where information as well as free and open existence is something they can count on.

Those who seek to narrow the bandwidth of life sound selfish to me. To throttle the speed of change isn’t a very just thing to do. A fast pipe is not too much to ask for people who seem to be told that 56K dial-up is all they should ever hope to get. Let’s just hope some people aren’t going to be taken back to the time before technology revolutionized everything. I hope that no one would have to be relegated to places where they aren’t even let in a library or a school or even places where people are making decisions that impact their lives.

Author: Tony "T-Bird" Burgess

Hi there, my name is Tony Burgess from Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. I am a believer, bleeding-heart, idealist and blogger. I'm married to Laura and Cody is our dog. Daily I work for a blood bank. My blog is where I chronicle and curate the sacred, serious and silly things in my life. I am a member of The Episcopal Church. Thank you for connecting with me. Grace, peace, and love!

14 thoughts on “Broadband For All, Not Just Internet”

  1. Or Broadband For Nobody. The best,and, arguably, only way I know to keep creeps like Bezos and Zuckerberg out of your life is to get and stay off the internet. I know, we’re using it right now, and hoping that the supercomputers at the NSA collecting metadata aren’t snooping too deeply. I’m increasingly suspicious of the motives of anyone wanting to broaden the digital world. Maybe someone would want their brains interfaced at the synaptic level with artificial intelligence, but I’m not one of them. The digital world is getting Orwellian creepy at an ever faster rate. So just say no.

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    1. I agree the Internet does have a significant part of our lives in its grips. However there is a bigger idea that as we have advanced in many things some things we want to retreat to for whatever reason.


      1. Why don’t you completely disassemble every notion you have ever acquired about what human “progress”. Dig deep into how you think the way you think and then come back and examine who is going to benefit from these advances. Sorry. There is a very dark world out there.

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        1. Absolutely. It is the kind of question that requires some very deep research and thinking. I think the philosophical discipline is epistomology, how we come to think the way think.


    1. Do you remember the end of the movie Fahrenheit 451, where people drop out of the technological wonderland that meets all their needs so they can “become” a book and thus be free? Sounds like going back to me. Consider all the creepy research that’s funded whose intent is to take away any privacy that human beings have left. Some very rich people with money, power, and influence,want to know how the brain thinks and how they can tap into those molecular sequences and cellular processes. So maybe they all want to “help” mankind. I doubt it. I’m trying to decide what book I want to become. Care to join me?

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        1. Oh really? “Broadband for all” is going to be controlled by whom? Who is going to tap into the fiber optic network cables? I get it at one leve,l expanding access to as many people as possible at high levels of sophistication. Then look who is determining what success is, what learning should be. I’m sceptical about any system whose goal is to make us “smarter rats.”


  2. Reading the post through for the “metaphor” sounds as if there are unidentified “black hats” and “white hats” and you and Tony are presuming to be the “white hats”. And your advanced techno-world could never, ever, be a dystopia because you and your fellow “white hats” didn’t plan on it turning out that way. Can you say “naïve” ? Good. I knew you could.

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  3. It isn’t just computers, tablets, and smartphones, though. Your major appliances, TV set, thermostat, etc. are also connected and sending information. Now just imagine you’re being targeted for being on the “wrong” side of some political issue or something: “They” (maybe government, maybe some hacker, maybe terrorists, whatever) can turn off your refrigerator and make your food spoil, turn off your AC/Heat and lock you in during a weather emergency, who knows. It’s more than just information and access to fun stuff like games and blogs and videos that we get and share with broadband. So far, with only rare exceptions, so good. But I wonder if our future Robotic Overlords (c’mon now, you know it’s possible) will maintain civil rights for all.

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  4. Given what technology is rapidly doing in the field of human brain/computer interface, comparison to access to broadband doesn’t do this justice. There is concentration of power in the hands of the rich and powerful. Do you really think the elites are going to share this power with anybody? Is mass market economic incentive enough to have this technology available to a broad base of the population? Probably the idea that human brains neurally “interfaced” with supercomputers could make humans super-consumers might give it appeal. But the mere idea of unprecedented control appeals to the diabolical in them.


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